Artist : Helen Korpak




 Helen Korpak est une jeune photographe installée à Helsinki, en Finlande. Elle dit de son travail qu'elle a créé "une carte des émotions dans la vie de tous les jours et une enquête sur les différents aspects de la vie". Basculant entre l'impersonnel et l'intimité, Helen parle d'espaces ouverts, de nature, de nostalgie et de paysages. Elle met en ligne régulièrement sur son blog des clichés personnels, dont certains d'Anna, son amie et muse.



July 2011 - Another lake-and-back-shot from our Finland mini-roadtrip some weeks ago.



January February 2011 - India loves cricket. Anywhere we went in India, there were almost always kids playing cricket, especially on weekends. These boys were playing a game on the beach. On Sunday morning in Mumbai a bunch of teenage boys were playing a cricket game on a quiet street, their ball occasionally flying into the nearby busy street.  All restaurants and cafés with television were showing cricket  games from the ongoing world cup and there were special edition chips to celebrate the cup. A british man we met laughed at the Indian team and said they were a bunch of overweight guys. Turns out England is no longer in the game, but that India and Sri Lanka are competing in the final today. I still don't understand anything of the game, but after all that hype, it is a bit exciting.


January February 2011 -  Murudeshwar


January February 2011 - Gokarna


January February 2011 - Blue

January February 2011 - Blue


Doors by Helen Korpak